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Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Owing to the rise of e-commerce stores and an increasingly tech-savvy world,  a plethora

of dealers now have a chance to drastically improve their online presence and conduct a profitable business. While Amazon and Walmart have primarily dominated in this avenue,

among others, online dealers largely rely on these platforms to make burgeoning revenues

through attractive online deals and sales.

E-commerce has now become more about intelligent and targeted marketing. This huge shift can be credited to the use of Machine Learning and AI in a bid to predict the next big shopping trend and influence consumer preferences. A major chunk of shoppers have shifted to online shopping, and for that matter, the same has happened with the sellers as well who are building their portfolios on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Ali Baba etc.

However, to convert your typical online consumer into a customer, e-commerce dealers need to leverage data analytics to optimize their offerings.

Here is why Amazon dealers should leverage web scraping to increase their conversions:

1. Assess Competition

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

Competition analysis is one of the most crucial aspects of business decision making. Collecting competing products’ data via scraping amazon data can help an Amazon dealer develop proper marketing strategies. This data is instrumental in comparing and monitoring competing products (prices, reviews, availability, …) of competitors selling the same products as you. Web data can be leveraged by online dealers for competitor pricing analysis, competitive pricing, and repricing, cost management, seasonality tracking etc.

2. Determine product ranking  

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

A product’s ranking in the e-commerce site essentially decides the number of sales it’ll make.

For an Amazon dealer, the best way to create bludgeoning sales would be to ensure their products rank first in the relevant search.  Amazon adapts to calculate product-ranks. Scraping amazon data enables Amazon dealers to find elements that affect product ranking and in turn, create effective strategies to improve rankings.

3. Analyze top reviews  

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

Amazon’s ranking algorithm gives huge weight to product reviews. An online business should continuously monitor how its product’s market performance. The best way to evaluate our product’s performance is through Product Reviews filled in by customers. A genuine product review has its pros and puts forth a customer’s perspective, which may often be overlooked by

the seller.

Web scraping allows Amazon dealers to monitor how their products perform in the market by studying product reviews. With this data in hand, Amazon dealers would be able to assess what aspects of their products they should enhance, and what measures they can take to improve customer’s experience.

4. Assess market data 

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

To determine your most profitable niche, dealers need to study market data. This can essentially highlight what kind of products are the most in-demand, understand the category structure of Amazon, and how your products fit in the existing market. Scraping amazon data from of the competing products can provide such information, which can then be leveraged by a dealer to optimize their internal assortment and best utilize their manufacturing resources.

5. Evaluate offers 

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

For a customer, offers act as the most enticing element of e-commerce sites. Knowing what your competitor has to offer can aid you in designing an effective marketing strategy for our products. Web scraping amazon data allows you to focus on Competitor pricing analysis, real-time cost tracking and tracking seasonal changes for coming up with better product offers for a consumer.

6. Realize target group 

Scraping Amazon Data: How can Web Scraping benefit you as an Amazon Dealer?

Every seller specializes in a particular niche and has a certain kind of customer base. By knowing their target group, a dealer can make informed choices about the products it offers.

Scraping customer preferences on Amazon can enlighten a dealer of its customer base. While Amazon protects customer profile to a large extent, dealers can come up with a strategy to collect profiles of customers who have bought their products. This customer data can then be used by Amazon dealers to study their shopping habits and accordingly plan different sets of product combo for them, thereby boosting sales.

Scraping Amazon data has the potential to offer a wealth of information with untapped potential waiting to be leveraged into key decision making. Datahut offers affordable Amazon web scraping data services.

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Wish to know more about how you too can transform your Amazon business using web scraping? Contact Datahut, your web scraping experts.

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