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How to improve your online distribution strategy using product data feeds

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The internet has changed the way people buy and sell things. For brands, this is an opportunity and a problem at the same time. The biggest problem of any brand is getting their product in the hands of users. Websites like Amazon & eBay helped solve this major distribution problem. However, it created some other problems for the brands. Here are some of those problems and how to solve them.

How do you track sellers online?

Brands are selling their products in multiple marketplaces and tracking all the sellers is a pain.

You need to find who are selling your products and give the necessary support to perform well. Product data feeds from websites contain seller information and it can be used to find who sells your product and how are they performing. This insight can help brands prioritise things and

better equip their sellers.

Are there any unauthorised sellers or counterfeits?

Unauthorised sellers and counterfeits are troubling brands since the inception of online marketplaces. They create three major troubles for brands:

  1. They sell below the minimum sale price set by brand.

  2. They sell counterfeits and ruins the reputation of the brand.

  3. Both of the above problems affect other resellers selling your brand.  

Using the product data feeds from online marketplaces, you can find and takeout unauthorised sellers from the marketplace.

Analysing competing brands

There is heavy competition on the online marketplace. You have to analyse competing brands sold by your sellers and find a way to promote your brand over the competing brand. Using product feeds from online marketplaces, you can easily find this information.

Finding new sellers

You can find new resellers by using the data from the online marketplace and improve your distribution. The product feeds from online marketplaces helps you find this information easily.

How do you get data?

A technology called web scraping is used to get data from online sources. Spend thousands of dollars to build something in-house or contact Experts like Datahut. Here are some useful links

if you really want to build something in-house.

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