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How To Make Outbound Prospecting Work For You

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Outbound prospecting is an extremely effective strategy to get quality leads because it allows you to reach out to your prospects before your competition does. Still, one of the biggest challenges

in sales is reaching the right contact, the one who can make the purchasing decision.

Sales people waste a lot of time on this process.

Sales reps should not be doing prospecting; they should be closing and closing only.

Let’s get accurate data.

The reason why most outbound prospecting doesn’t work is because the sales reps have bad data on the prospects. Let us fix this problem. The reason why sales reps have bad data is because their lead source is not good or updated.

There are a lot of sources to find company information. However, nothing comes close to

LinkedIn which has 7.5+ million listed companies. This is the ideal place to start researching

your prospects. Some other sources you can consider is Angellist (770K+ company profiles), Crunchbase, f6s etc. You can get this data using self-service tools or data providers like Datahut.

How to get what you need.

You need the emails of prospects to reach to them. You can get data from the source websites mentioned above using web data extraction techniques. You can filter this data based on your buyer persona. The filtered data needs to be enriched to get the contact data. You can use tools

like Leadintel to do this.

Start slowly.

Once you have the emails, try sending 30-40 sweet and short emails per day which conveys the value of your product. Observe open rate and response rate. Use tools like the sidekick to track

the open rates. Try experimenting with subject lines and body of the emails. Measure the results and improve your cold email template.

We’re building Leadintel, a tool that is going to make prospecting easy. We’re worked with some selected SAAS companies, helping them generate quality leads. Get access to the beta version here – Get beta access.

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