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How HRs and Job Recruiters can Leverage Web Scraping for Better Hires

How HRs and Job Recruiters can Leverage Web Scraping for Better Hires

Being an HR comes with a baggage of responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities of the recruitment process include: maintaining an eye on what appears to be an overall market of competitors, recruiting and maintaining potential talent, office regulations, and a hundred other roles that ensure both day-to-day operational activities and long-term goals to be managed. To stay on top of the game, all of these tasks necessitate extensive HR data analysis and research.

Today, data science and Big Data are reconfiguring the hiring process. With the accessibility of a massive amount of data gathered from various sources – primarily social media – where potential candidates typically leave digital opinions, recruiters have a better chance of relying on facts rather than reflexes before making job offers. In addition, the introduction of Data scraping in the recruiting industry has altered how organizations view the entire HR procedure.

Coming to the manual hiring process, among a sea of applications received online for job openings, it becomes very difficult for recruiters and HR executives to skim through all applications manually and then choose the best one. There are many sources that HRs need to verify to evaluate the candidacy. For example, recruiters also look at the social media footprint of a potential candidate to assess the overall. Therefore they need to find an automated solution to filter out the most qualified candidates they would like to go forward with. This is where Job data extraction can help them make the process faster and easier.

Use data to hire better talent

If you want to build a high-class organization, you must hire the best staff. That is most likely the primary reason why companies invest money in hiring teams and the recruitment process. Unfortunately, the truth is that the best talent seems to have the luxury of being picky about who they perform for. To choose the right candidate, the HR team has to perform an endless list of tasks. Some of these can be:

  • Deciding the appropriate Salary range: Employers want to keep their costs less, and on the other hand, they have to make sure they do not let go of the talent pool because of the salary measure. Proper industry research is necessary here!

  • Deciding and describing the duties: Getting on to the appropriate and suitable JD can be a challenging task. You have to make sure you are aligning with the industry demands and offerings.

  • Deciding the recruitment criteria: Of course, this step will need proper analysis of organizational and external needs to identify what type of candidates you are looking for.

  • Deciding the recruitment process: A firm, structured, and analyzed decision needs to be made on how the hiring process will move forward, including deciding the different stages and number of people to be shortlisted from there. Thus, data extraction can play a huge role here as well!

  • How you will present yourself: The game has changed now; employees also have better options. You need to prove to the right candidate how your company will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

While it may appear to be a simple task, gathering data to aid in this procedure can make a significant difference and has become a necessity. If you fall short of collecting data from your competitors and the market, you may lose good candidates or hire horrible choices who will not contribute to your organizational vision. Therefore, data collection is necessary when gathering more about qualifications required and evaluating other different stages to recruit qualified candidates and eliminate the passive candidates.

How Recruiters can find the most qualified applicants through web scraping

Web scraping can be used to centralize data. Data scraping converts unstructured data in web pages into an organized and user-friendly format. Many repetitive tasks can be avoided using Job data scraping services, giving you a more effective and efficient recruitment system. Hiring the best and quality candidates for any company and its HR is the most crucial need, and data extraction can help you recruit the best! You can avail the following benefits of using data extraction to analyze various :

1. To decide the suitable title to the specific JD

It can appear the straightforward task of the recruiting process but can impose challenges if it is not done appropriately. For example, you cannot simply title it as content writing with a JD specifying content writing and graphic designing tasks. This will not only lead to wasting your time and money but also of the candidate concerned. Thus, an appropriate title can help you find promising talents easily. Here enter the data crawlers that can help you analyze the market and competitors from various job listings to find the best suitable title.

2. You need to keep an eye on your competitors' recruitments

You have to make sure you are recruiting quality talent that aligns with industry needs. You can gather a deep pool of information from the competitor analysis. This can include knowing what kind of CVs to look for, what qualities are accepted in the industry, the average, minimum, and reasonable pay rate, what perks they offer, and what infrastructural and leisure measures are being taken to attract them employees and many many more. Then, you have to decide what you want, and job data extraction from these job listing sites will let you decide the recruitment factors.

3. Offer a competitive pay rate

The trickiest part of recruitment can be to decide: What pay/salary to offer? This is definitely not as easy as it seems and has to be decided only after thorough research and analysis of the industry pay rates. You don't want to ask for more than they are willing to work for because minimizing cost is a necessity, and on the other hand, you also don't want to pay for less than the other companies are ready to offer. Hence, Scraping job data will help you decide factors such as the average, minimum, and reasonable pay rate, what perks they are offering, and many more.

4. Scraping job data for employee training

2-3 months after recruiting are the crucial stage for employers as well as employees. As a recruiter, you need to train the employees to make them ready for the needed skills. For this, industry analysis via job data scraping will help you decide what training to offer and how. This can also help you appeal to better candidates because they will feel they have a growth and development opportunity waiting for them ahead.

5. Keeping track of the Industry Employment Trends

It is an obvious fact that supply and demand for professionals are dynamic. Also, there can be various reasons why professionals may or may not be ready to work at that particular period. Hence, you need to keep track of industry employment trends to get access to quality employees. You need to focus on Scraping job data and analytical insights into the industry for this!

Why Outsource a Web Scraping Service?

To get the best out of the opportunity and efficiently and effectively extract data for various job sites, you'll need knowledgeable and professional people who can logically organize all of the data. The following are the reasons that a Job scraping service like Datahut can automate the above process easily:

  • A Web Scraping service will provide you all the industry-relevant job sites listings in the most structured and efficient manner. No wastage of money and time!

  • A Web Scraping service extracts all job listings from true, up-to-date, and accurate databases.

  • Data extraction can automate the majority of manual work and save a significant amount of time and money.

  • Job sites frequently update their data. If there is a change, your data will become obsolete; however, a web scraper can be programmed to detect changes and ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

  • Web scraping saves money by eliminating the need for a dedicated team to do the manual work, and the data is always current and accurate.

  • Job scraping service will help you find positions with value-added data from the required corporate career websites and job boards, such as skills, seniority, category, and more.

  • Web Scraping service will provide you Data scraping from any website that allows crawlers lawfully.

Final Thoughts

The opportunities presented by job data extraction for the recruitment and HR industry are endless. As an HR, your time is precious, and your aim is to build a better and efficient process. It is critical to analyze big data when attempting to succeed in any HR position. While it may appear to be a cumbersome task, obtaining large-scale data is much more convenient through a web scraping service.

If you're a recruiter, you need to be quick to adopt innovative tools such as web scraping providers that allow you to do the daunting work in at least time and effort. Go for a Job scraping service provider like Datahut to automate your data scraping needs.

Datahut, a web scraping service provider, handles the difficult work while you focus on becoming your organization's HR superhero. Whether you wish to begin on a large or small scale; we are eager to get you started!

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