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Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What does it take for an online business to be an overnight success?

Perfect timing?


A well thought out marketing strategy?


Connecting with your consumers?

Yes. It takes it all that and then some.  

With the digital landscape showing no pace of slowing down anytime soon, it spells doom for any brand who isn’t able to keep up. For your brand to be the brightest star in the constellation, you need to be one step ahead of the ongoing market trends, always!

One way to go about is to harp on the latest retail marketing trends which are new and still unexplored. This enables you to engage the consumers in a new and refreshing way which will help them remember your brand and help you stay ahead of your competitor.

For your brand to survive the dynamic business landscape, your brand needs to evolve with the technological trends as they come and go. Here is a list of retail marketing trends which can help your online business grow by leaps and bounds:

1. Utilising Micro-Moments

Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

With the advent of smartphones, the entire retail marketing scenario has changed. New ways of tapping into the consumer’s time and mind are sprouting up every day. Today’s consumer is only

a tap away from purchasing your product, and the newest way to get him is by utilizing the


But that’s not all, with the help of push notifications, the retailers can reach their consumers in times which weren’t thought possible. And with the help of big data, the retailers can completely customize the purchase experience, providing the customers with exactly what they need.

For example, someone might do a Google search for the best pizza in New York City.

Pizza restaurants located in the vicinity. As a business owner, you could leverage this

micro-moment and strategize your business to ensure the consumer chooses their brand.

2. Embrace Omnichannel Marketing

Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Today’s customer expects to be connected to happenings like never before. They want all their data and devices synced for a fast and smooth performance. Your business will also work at its finest when all these channels are united and work together like cogs in a clock.

One of the best examples of united channels is Disney. They have it in place right down to the smallest detail. It all starts with a beautiful mobile responsive website. Once your trip is booked, you can get into the nitty-gritty and plan your trip. Right from where you are going to dine, to the fast pass for a smooth experience. While in the park, you can use the app to locate various attractions and check the estimated time for each ride. But this is just the start, the app acts as

the room key, a photo storage device for all the pictures taken at Disney Land and also a food ordering tool. It's redefining 360 like never before!

3. Incentivizing Customers to Promote You

Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

There no better marketing than word of mouth. Customers talking to each other and promoting your brand, can anything be better? For this very reason, many businesses offer exclusive

discounts and premium reward points to their loyal customers. These programs not only encourage customers to spend more money on the brand but also to put in a good word for

it among their own peer group and social circle. This snowball method soon takes pace as

one happy customer brings in another.

One of the classic examples of word of mouth marketing is Dropbox. They didn’t invest in advertising and grew to $10 billion company largely through word of mouth alone.

4. Don’t Delay Automation Initiatives

Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency and productivity is by automation. From scheduling outreach emails to push notifications, each tailor-made for a specific customer, all done simply

by a few clicks. Automaton opens up countless possibilities by freeing hands that were previously involved in hectic manual tasks. In fact, you can even automate the discount pricing to stay one step ahead of the competition. The software available monitors all of your competitor’s pricing strategies in real time so that you can stay ahead. This more intuitive approach to the industry is precisely the time-saving tool you need to foster fresh growth.

5. Content Marketing to Ace up your Game

Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Content marketing can be a gamechanger marketing tool for your business. This approach offers consumers content that will hopefully boost awareness and ultimately convert to sales.

One brand doing content marketing right is Nike. Having a separate account for customer support, Nike is accessible to its customers without bogging down its own content on @Nike or @NikeStore. It’s amazing that a company at that large scale can respond and interact with its customers at such a fast pace and with thoughtful, genuinely helpful responses. Even in 140 characters, Nike makes it clear that it’s there for people — with phrases like, “give us a shout if you need help.” This kind of language makes a brand feel a lot more approachable and friendly to the customers.

This is our take on the 5 must follow retail marketing trends in today’s e-commerce space.

Want to stay ahead of your competitors with more such marketing advice? Contact us at Datahut, your big data experts.  

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