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  • Anmol Chawla

9 Must See TED Talks on Big Data

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

With its fast-paced growth, big data brought a revolution with itself that is simply inspiring. 

Over the year, data analytics, data extraction, and visualization have transformed numerous of industries and sectors across the globe. Right from healthcare and finance to all the way to

Due to its increasing ubiquity, big data has seen an increase in its popularity and numerous opportunities have populated the scene for further research and development. In the tech world, thought leaders and influencers are coming together to find new and improved ways to unlock more opportunities with big data.

These thought leaders share transformational ideas via Ted Talks on Big Data.

Here is a curated list of 9 must-see Ted Talks on Big Data and related technologies: 

1. The Birth of a World: Deb Roy

In his Ted talk, Deb Roy, the CEO and the founder of Bluefin labs explains how he delved deep into the theories of human cognition and machine learning to understand better how the two are connected. He heads projects at Cognitive Machines Group, and his latest study is in the field of how kids acquire language.

Deb has spent a significant amount of time in trying to find the origin of a word, the first word that a newborn speaks. He came up with the key findings of a newborn’s behavior by transforming his own house into a linguistics lab. He monitored his own son’s speech to figure out how illegible sounds like, ‘gaaa’ turn into words like ‘water.’ He used data analytics and other data techniques to map his son’s lingual progress and arrive at the results.

2. The beauty of Data Visualization: David McCandless

We are all suffering from information overload. The amount of data that is produced every day is just mind-boggling, and David Mccandles has come up with the easy solution of using our eyes to see that information and connections that matter. Apart from being cool, it is beneficial as it makes understanding data very easy.

Data scientist David Mccandles believes in attractive design’s power to reduce information silos.

In his latest TED talk on big data, he talks about lowering elaborate data sets into beautiful patterns and diagrams. Data from favorite sources like Facebook, media, and news can be extracted in the best way, and evidently, data navigation becomes more accessible than ever.

3. What we learn from 5 million books: Erez Liberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel

Imagine being able to read all the books with the click of a button.  Sounds impossible, but with the advent of big data, it is possible to scan all the digital books for the information you are looking for.

The founding director of Harvard Cultural Observatory, Jean-Baptiste and his colleague Erez Liberman Aiden, together with study the human history, cultural and language. He has been carrying out his research using quantitative methods, thus unlocking new opportunities for data analytics.

In his TED talk, he talks about the importance of data analytics and how it can be used to make a better world and its surroundings. He also happens to be the creator of an online tool that helps one in locating overall and diverse cultural trends.

4. Big Data, Better Data: Kenneth Cukier

More data doesn’t let us see more; it also allows to see new. When we are looking at the bigger picture, we can take a step back and start to trace patterns and trends.

Kenneth Cukier, the editor of The Economist, has authored a book titled, ‘Big Data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work and think.’ It serves no less than a great encyclopedia when it comes to big data, machine learning and human cognition.

5. What to do with Big Data: Susan Etlinger

We shape the world and the technology. We decide what meaning it will play in our lives. But when it’s about big data, it’s not how much you have. It’s about the speed at which it moves and the variety of insights that are there.

As an industry analyst working with the Altimeter Group, Susan is always keen on the latest market trends and new opportunities. Having authored two books, namely A Framework Of Social Analytics and The Social Media ROI Cookbook, she has very crucial insights into the significance and use of data. In her Ted talk, Susan Etlinger explains why, as we receive more and more data, we need to deepen our critical thinking skills. 

6. How Data will transform business: Philip Evans

As the senior partner and managing director of the Boston Consulting Group, Philips Evans has done a lot of research in data scraping and analytics in the business world. He is also the author of the book titled, Blown to Bits.

Philips Evans, in his TED talk, gives crucial insights into the concept of the value chain, initially popularized by Michael Porter. He voiced his thoughts on how to increase returns to scale and how big data will affect the business world.

7. Smart Statistics is the key to fighting crime: Anne Milgram

Data analytics has a considerable role to play in criminal prosecution. A seasoned criminal prosecutor, Anne Milgram came across some very crucial criminal insights when serving as the attorney journal of New Jersey. She realized that the system depended heavily on individual ideas and instincts which often lead to the wrong perception.

In her Ted talk, she talks about data-driven methods to make the prosecution system much streamlined and efficient.

8. Relationship Analytics and business: Zack Johnson

The founder of Syndio Social, Zack Johnson helps companies and organizations across the world adopt change. Zack talks about the role of data analysis and its connection to organizations, human behavior, and employee relations. After studying social network analysis for his higher studies, Zack worked on many prestigious projects for NASA, US Army, Mc Arthur Foundation and many more.  

In his Ted Talk, Zack talks about changing a habit and adapting to the transient environment.

9. The Rise of Human-Computer cooperation: Shyam Sankar

Director of Palantir Technologies, a data analysis firm, Shyam Sankar helps various organizations and law enforcement units analyze data and stay ahead of the competition in the market.

In his Ted talk, Sankar shares his thoughts on human-computer interaction. He believes that for executing complex operations, one needs to understand computer languages. It’s essential to understand human creativity and computational methods.

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