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Amazon Sellers – Three Tips to Boost Your Sales

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Amazon is an amazing marketplace for sellers to sell their products. There are people making millions selling in Amazon and there are people making less than$1000 a month. We’re helping many of these millionaires with competitive intelligence from many different websites.

Here are the three tips we learned from them to boost sales on Amazon.

1) Be SEO friendly  

You might know that Amazon uses seller rating and price for ranking the products in search. Amazon also uses keywords in the product title to rank sellers. When adding the product, you

can use up to 500 characters.  You should include as many keywords as possible to make sure

that your product is visible to the Amazon search algorithm. Its recommendations should include, description, brand, color, size, and quantity. Having a high search ranking gives you a good

chance of selling better than your competitors.

2) Get good reviews and respond to negative reviews

People check online reviews before making a purchase decision because they believe it is credible. Having good reviews of your products gives you a better chance of selling and ranking in search. You can reach out to people to leave feedback on your product.

There are people who give negative reviews. You have to respond as fast as possible and resolve the issue. People value customer support and it can make a big difference. Think about constructive ways to get feedback.

3) Use other marketing channels

Blogging and selling via social media is a great way to market your products outside Amazon. There are people who make millions of dollars by wiring niche blogs and adding the link to their product on the blog. You need to make the content of the blog SEO friendly and distribute it via different channels to reach the target audience.

Here is a tutorial on how to get data for competitive intelligence – Competitive Intelligence.

Did I miss anything? Comment below if you know any amazing selling tips.



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