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How To Get The Most Out Of CES 2019

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most awaited shows of the year. People book tickets, go there and then, you end up realising the trip was not worth the money spent. Every year more than 150000 people attend the show, and one can easily end up not utilizing to the fullest what CES 2019 has to offer. Why do people miss out on such opportunities? They did not plan the event well. Their time at CES was spent talking to the wrong people. They did not have the data about the people they wanted to meet. Let me help you plan your CES 2019 using Data and get the best out of CES. You need to do only three things right before the show to get maximum value out of it.  Let’s dive in.

How To Get The Most Out Of CES 2019

1. Know what your objectives are

Be clear about your goals and the desired outcomes. What do you want to learn, who do you want to meet? Defining these goals should determine how you spend your time at CES. Start from the desired outcomes and work backwards.

2. Prepare a list

Gather information like who is attending the event, what they are doing, how they can be beneficial for you and most importantly the contact details of the person so that you can schedule a meeting.  For CES 2019 – we have prepared a list to help you. You can get in touch with us to get the list.

3. Schedule meetings

During events – when you swing by a booth – the person whom you want to talk to might not be there. This often happens. With the time being limited, and you have to make sure that you are taking to the right person. You should schedule your meetings upfront and get ready. It is even better to chat over a beer because when you are in Vegas people expect wine and dine. So have the budget for a few beers. Never forget to ask business cards from the people you meet. That’s what you have to do on the pre-event time. What do you do at the event? Meet people and take a selfie.

4. Meet people and Take a Selfie

When you meet the person, make sure that you come prepared. Once you reach a person at the event  – take a selfie with him. Attach this selfie in the post-event follow up so that the person immediately recognises you. This technique works like a charm. Send the follow-up directly after the event. What is the one thing you don’t have with you? Is it the data you need to start scheduling the meeting? Get in touch with us to purchase the data so that you get the best value out of CES 2019

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