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How Big data Analytics will heavily dominate the Shopping Trends of 2018

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

You don’t sell the consumer a product, you sell them an experience.

Various research conducted on marketing trends and advertising suggest that the consumer was more likely to come to you if they believe in your philosophy and ideology. And what better way to convey that by giving shoppers an experience that not only sets you apart but also makes them love your product.

Experience means everything. And experience has become even more important to the

modern-day shoppers. They have developed a strong need for sensory, emotional and physical interaction with the brand. From humble bathroom products to the most expensive luxury delights, the shoppers are demanding and expecting more and more from the brand at every point.

To remain on top of your game, here are a few uprising shopping trends of 2018:

1. Omnichannel Shoppers


While brick and mortar stores may never completely go away, 2017 witnessed the global uprise of omnichannel shoppers. With everything a few clicks away, less and fewer people are interested in looking at stationary items when they can buy the same product online after seeing a tutorial video.

The web, apps, mobiles etc. are mere platforms that shoppers don’t really differentiate in between. The difference between each of these is growing more and more blurry every day as shoppers are demanding a more seamless shopping experience.

E-commerce began building this frictionless experience years ago. And because this is working so well, any hurdle the shopper faces at this time will reduce conversation and may lead to a loss on the retailers part. 2018 shall further the growth of omnichannel shopping.

2. Millennials


Millennials, today, are the workforce to be focused on. These constitute one of the most rapidly growing markets. As they enter the workforce, their purchasing power increases and they crop up to be one of the most unexplored segments among the target groups. The convenience of being mobile when shopping is paramount to them as they operate in a unique blend of social media, chat with friends (virtually, of course), research online and pay for products instantly and on the go.

3. Mobile Technology

omni-channel-shoppers-an-emerging-retail-real.width-1200 (1)

A phone is a new place to be. The smartphone that people use these days have so much possibility that a shopping experience can begin and end with the phone itself. With e-commerce giants like Amazon coming up with tech like one-click checkout, the consumer can walk into your showroom, get a look and feel of the product and then get it before he even reaches home.

To combat this, retailers have to constantly innovate and come up with in-store experiences using technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, QR codes, iBeacons and Visual Light Communications etc.

4. Shopper Analytics


Shopper’s analytics is a hugely beneficial area that brands and retailers can take advantage of. Looking at shoppers preferences, buying patterns, demographics, locations etc. retailers can figure out when will be the best time to target the consumers.

5. Virtual assistance


With devices like Google Home and Alexa in the picture, the entire scene has changed.

Brands are now trying to leverage these technologies and trying to target people where they are most receptive to the new messages, i.e. in their homes. One great such example was a campaign done by burger king, called the “ok Google Campaign.”

To leverage these growing Shopping Trends of 2018 for your benefit, contact us at Datahut, your big data experts.

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