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How To Automate The Recruiting Of Tech Talent

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Recruiting tech talent is a very tough job. Automating a major portion of the recruiting process can save HR teams ton of time and money.

Have you ever pondered about the work of a Human Resource Manager? One of the most time consuming job that an HR goes through is the long, lengthy, extended task of selecting candidates. Today in this time and age when the process of searching a potential candidate for a job has become digital in its nature and form, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has eased the process for HR’s. Though things are digital but they are digital in large number and extracting just the right candidate is no cakewalk.

What is the real problem?

  1. Traditional methods of recruiting tech talent are not useful anymore. It wastes in-house efforts and time.

  2. Despite digitalisation, the hiring process has still not advanced.

  3. The whole recruitment process, selection, interview feedback cycle hitherto moves at a snail’s pace.

  4. Most of the HR’s time is wasted just going through unsuitable applications which many times leads to losing a really valuable resource.

Solution is Automation

Slow and steady wins the race, well really? Today in this age of digitalisation there is only “survival of the fastest.” There are not only candidates looking for the job but also the companies engaged in building employer value to attract the best tech talent.

Automating the recruitment process has come as the much needed solution HR’s were looking for. It is magnificent to see the way it has revolutionized the scouting process. There are various online platforms that automate scouting candidate’s profile from numerous online sources. It means getting the right human resource is just a click away.

Automatic screening of developer profiles

Most of the recruiters spend on an average 20 – 25 hours on screening resumes for a single hire. What if technology can help you reduce that hours by 90% or more? Yes, you read it right! There are various online sources from  which you get to select the exact categories of people you are looking for in terms of experience, salary expectations, key skills etc. Then the profiles are filtered in accordance to your needs and you can get exactly the resource you were looking for.

From which online sources can you automate the sourcing of tech talent?

First on the list we have LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be used for both networking and recruiting.

One can actively search for potential candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywords for people with the required qualifications. Extracting public data from LinkedIn can

help automate the sourcing of tech talent.

This website is especially dedicated to startups. You can find people profiles with relevant tech skills. Like LinkedIn here also you can extract the public data.

You can extract the profile of coders from Github and use it for filtering based on your requirement.

So gone are the days when scouting candidates from online sources used to wrack your nerves. Today you just need to lay back, relax and let the innovations automate work for you.

Data extraction from the web is a powerful tool you can use to recruit tech talent.

Need help, get in touch with Datahut.

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