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Launching the startup partner program

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The idea of web data creating business value is not new. However, ready to use data it isn’t easily accessible to startups due to the high cost involved. We understand this problem as we are also a startup. In the last six months, we’ve helped startups building minimum viable products by giving them access to data they desperately wanted. Datahut was founded to democratize data and make it more accessible and useful to people. Some of the startups working with us have raised funding to go to the next level.

Datahut just launched the startup-partner program. We will help startups in building their minimum viable product or prototype.

What is the program?

Every day we get e-mails from startups asking for help in building cool products that need data from the web. We work with a limited number of startups to build applications that need data from the web. The services of Datahut will be available at a very discounted rate to startups especially early stage startups.

What is in it for you?

The selected startups get to work close with the Datahut team to create one cool application and take it out to the market.

We provide:

  1. Services – Datahut services will be available at discounted rates.

  2. Development support – Our rockstar team will guide you build the app.

  3. Data Backend – We help you build the architecture of the Data backend.


Web Data finds its application in almost every business vertical. However will be giving preference to startups working in the following business verticals. The startups will be shortlisted based on how disruptive of their idea is the capability of the team.

1) E-commerce & Price comparison startups 2) Content discovery and aggregation startups 3) Travel startups 4) Event discovery startups 5) Business intelligence startups 6) Lead research startups.

You could be building the next big thing! If you are interested in joining the Datahut startup partner program, drop an email to Let’s start talking.

Cheers, Team Datahut.

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