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Learn from mistakes and keep pushing forward – Startup lessons

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We are excited to announce that Datahut now has customers from six out of seven continents. However, we couldn’t get anyone from Antarctica as Penguins are not a big fan of our work. 🙂

We’ve written a six-month road map when we started the operations of Datahut. The team jointly set the goals and every team member worked so hard to hit their targets. There were problems, but we kept pushing forward. After six months, I am proud to say that we’ve achieved most of our targets in the six-month action plan.

We’ve asked questions and help from clients and their responses forced us to forget all the assumptions we’ve had six months ago. These are the things we learned over the last six months.

Ask why instead of what

Many of our clients are non-technical founders who do not know how to go about data extraction. People come to us because they have a problem to solve. If you know exactly what that problem is, you will be in a position to suggest a better and efficient solution. This can build credibility and trust.

Customer service matters the most

Customers are satisfied with the value that they get from the product. You can never build the perfect technology, there will be bugs and other problems. If you know that there is a problem, inform the clients about the problem and its possible after effects. Be brutally honest and they

will be with you.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

This is one thing that can be easily overlooked at the start. I think a lot of youngsters make this mistake. You have to be careful and don’t commit to every project out there. If you have a lot of compelling offers, just sit back and politely refuse. Get back to them when you have resource availability and ask if they still need help. This works like a charm.

Use the right tools

Use the right tools to save time and to automate the repeated tasks. This applies to your CRM to version control systems. This can make you more productive than you actually think. We use Hubspot CRM and their sidekick plugin is just awesome.

Note: If you are a sales or marketing guy, follow Hubspot blogs, their blogs are really helpful.

Ask for help

A lot of people hesitate to ask help. This is a big mistake. A lot of successful entrepreneurs love helping young people. Trust me, this simple thing can save you from a lot of troubles. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people and their help and mentoring were very valuable.

We will keep pushing forward and make more mistakes. The more mistakes we make, the faster we learn.

What are your thoughts?

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