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Top five sources to get quality data for Account based Marketing

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Account based marketing starts with quality data. The quality of the data is dependent on the source itself. The first step is to identify sources from where you can get quality data. Here are the top five sources to get quality data for account-based marketing.


LinkedIn is one of the best sources to collect data for account-based marketing. According to the latest reports, there are 467 million users in LinkedIn and there are 106 million unique visitors

per month. Extracting data from LinkedIn can give a boost to your account based marketing campaigns.

However, extracting data from LinkedIn is tough. The reason is the sheer volume of the data and anti-scraping technologies of LinkedIn.


Angellist has one of the highest quality data on companies and people in a niche area, the tech industry. You can’t avoid Angellist. If you want to run an account based marketing campaign on companies in the tech industry. Like LinkedIn, Angellist also has tough anti-scraping technologies.


Crunchbase has similarities to Angellist, however, it has its big differences as well. The funding news feature in Crunchbase is very useful. Funding news is an excellent  sales trigger which every company wants to get as soon as possible. Like Angellist, Crunchbase also has tough anti-scraping technologies.


Xing is a business networking website similar to LinkedIn. It offers tough competition to LinkedIn and gaining popularity in Europe. There are 8.8 million users in Germany alone. If you are running a campaign in Europe, Xing data is a must.


CB Insights is a portal for venture capital and angel investment. They have very accurate information on private companies and funding. You can leverage this data to make informed decisions while running an Account based marketing campaign.

What are your top five sources for an account based marketing campaign? Need help with getting data from the sources mentioned above? – Get in touch with Datahut now.

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