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Web Scraping For Lead Generation: Get High-Quality Sales Leads

Updated: Feb 1

Web scraping is influencing digital marketing strategies in a big way. Therefore, let’s talk about how effective is web/data scraping for lead generation.

One of the highest priorities of any marketer is lead generation. However, getting high-quality sales leads is the ultimate intention. More so, convertible leads help shorten customer acquisition cycle.

You can be a big or a small business, and planning marketing strategies that convert is necessary.

What is web scraping?

The term web scraping is a method of scraping data from websites. It is one of the vital aspects of digital marketing in these modern times. Marketers can get insights into their competitor data or get their hands on customer data for better campaigns.

You can scrape data through open-source tools. A code helps you scrape information. A good web developer or web scraping company can make things easy for you.

In any case, a b2c or b2b marketing executive will be able to connect with SQLs’. In fact, much more quickly than other lead generation tools.

Moreover, if you know how to code or have learnt it out of mere interest, put your knowledge into use.

There are certified online and offline schools who teach coding. Also, you don’t require a background in technology. Salesforce says it too. A lot of women are taking up lessons in coding and steering their paths as qualified coders.


There is so much to do even after generating qualified leads. Hence, why not go for web scraping for lead generation. It’s fast, and you get to pitch those target audience with definite buying intent.

How to get sales qualified leads with web scraping?

Words like quick, affordable, insightful, buying intent sound so good. However, you may be thinking how to get high-quality sales leads for real? What on earth can web scraping do for you?

The convincing answer to these queries is that you get access to data. You, as a marketer or a decision-maker, do know the impact of useful data. You can perform a much more personalized marketing campaign.

Customers love personalization. You should, too, and you know that well. Speaking to your target audience with a personal touch is a Midas touch.


Basically, in web scraping, web crawlers work on the Html files of websites. They then extract the required data. The information acquired can be visuals, texts, and so on. Moreover, pricing details, email ids, phone numbers make lead generation meaningful and manageable.

Therefore, by now, you may be convinced web scraping does fuel quality sales leads. Yes, having said the above, we cannot ignore the difficulty in the process.

Is web scraping easy to perform?

Well, at least to those individuals who don’t have the time to sit and scrape data. Or maybe those who aren’t comfortable with unstructured data. Sometimes, it may also have to do with the large volumes.

Yes, just like the way you want great food but are either lazy or too busy to assimilate ingredients and cook. Most of you would wish to have a well-organized set of information without involving in the process.

Moreover, the difficulty in web scraping rises when:

  • Websites coded through HTML5

  • Web developers can create unique codes using HTML5 

  • Web crawlers may find it tough to crack such codes

The good news is, there are data scraping companies/agencies to perform web scraping for you.

Happy? You deserve it. After all, marketing or sales is a robust job profile. Datahut does understand your concerns. Especially, lead generation.

We provide numerous retail solutions to e-commerce businesses and other industries alike. Our approach caters to your priorities. The in-house team focuses on curating options that suit your best interests. Every process we follow are tried and tested. Therefore, giving you experienced support for your growth.


Decrease your CAC through web scraping

Every day to day process in a business requires a budget. There is no doubt that your spending may exceed at times or vice versa.

However, profit or satisfaction lies in aligning with your budget. Moreover, getting the work done under the given amount is the icing on the cake. Web scraping can definitely help you achieve that goal.

There is no big mystery in it. The bottom line is you get insights to your competitors or target audiences. When you have crucial information for pitching/prospecting, your customer acquisition cycle will be shorter.

A comprehensive data will empower your marketing team. However, the way you pitch, the offers you make will be the final influencer for your customers. Lead generation is like a relay race. The better and faster you pass on, the more effective will be your strategies.

Data scraping or web scraping will get you high-quality sales leads. But, you can push them down the sales funnel with:

  • Useful content

Content marketing is essential for online marketing. You can build trust with content that has user intent. Update your web content, social media posts or your emails according to your target audience.

  • Appealing offers

Everybody loves offers. Discounts, freebies and so on. Hence, put together some options which are free yet valuable for your leads. Remember that they are still in your sales funnel. User exit is possible anytime.

A proper and timely follow up is worthwhile. It is the best way to convince your leads to convert. Data scraping get you MQLs pr SQLs’, but follow-ups can convert them to your customers.

  • Interesting email subjects

Email subject lines are crucial when you pitch. Hence, if you want your sales qualified leads to consider opening your email, work on the subject line.

  • Personalized approach

Personalization is the way to pitch and sell during these times. Web data extraction gives SOLs’ or MQLs’. Therefore, why not use the insights to add some personal touch.

A sales funnel is a dynamic and vulnerable place. The task isn’t done just by adding qualified sales leads. You have to take those actions which make them trust your brand.

You can’t just be excited about having significant data. You should use the information to nurture the sales pipeline.

Hence, make use of data scraping to push your leads down the sales funnel.

Final thoughts on web scraping for lead generation

Let’s conclude by saying yes to web scraping. If there is a way to get things done faster for lead generation, a business should adopt that way. The up-gradation in digital marketing is worth embracing by the b2b and b2c markets alike.

Moreover, highly targeted data makes way for a personalized approach.

What’s the big deal in having a personal touch?

80 % of buyers are willing to purchase from brands with a personalized approach (Epsilon Research).

So, go ahead and utilize web data extraction services for qualified sales leads.

Connect with Datahut for your data extraction needs. We love what we do, and extracting data to help you generate leads is one of our specialties.

Have a great marketing campaign!

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