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How to get high quality sales leads through web scraping ?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Leads are the lifeblood of every company. I’m sure you have heard your sales reps saying “I don’t have enough leads” or “The leads are not good.” Trust me, almost every CEO hears this from their sales department all the time. As a CEO/VP of sales, you should always have enough qualified leads to keep the sales engine running.

What if there is a way get enough sales qualified leads inside your CRM?

I will come to that later. Promise!

A lot of people are still using old school lead generation techniques. From online resources,

they manually copy and paste data into a spreadsheet. It is later handed over to the sales team.

This is an inefficient process that takes too much time and effort.

What if there is an efficient way to do this?

Let’s break down the Manual Lead Generation process. It consists of four stages. Finding the lead source (The website), Extraction, Cleansing and Structuring the information. But we still have to find the lead source manually. With the help of Google or any other search engines, it takes little

or no time.

Enough theory, let’s look at a real life example. Jim sells massaging oil to the Spas in the United States. He googled “Spas in the US ” and figured out that an online business directory, like Yelp,

has the details of Spas in The US.

Jim is smart and knew web scraping can help him extract the information from web pages.

He wrote a program to scrape details like Business name, email, City, Phone number and Contact person from the business directory. He directly uploaded the data into his CRM. Now he has a

rich pipeline with sales qualified leads. His sales reps can no longer say any excuses about leads.

I kept my promise. Now you know how to get enough sales qualified leads inside your CRM :).

Most of the time companies either buy a list or appoint people to do manual lead generation.

Why don’t you give this method a try?

Maybe you are not Jim, you might be selling drones instead of massaging oil. But you can follow the same method for lead generation. The leads could be in industry or location specific sites, B2B portals, government sites and even your competitor’s website.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Datahut offers affordable data extraction services (DaaS).

If you need help with your web scraping projects, let us know and we will be glad to help.

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