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5 ways to increase your eCommerce product's visibility

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

In today's world, the competition is fierce. The products you're trying to sell are competing with thousands of other products for the attention of customers. But what if you could make your product stand out?

A report further states that around 87% of buyers start their product searches online. And if brands want to ensure their product ranks higher in the customer's search, they must employ specific tactics. What if there were a way to make it more visible in search results? What if there were a way to ensure that people could find your product when they needed it most?

Increasing your eCommerce product's visibility is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales. In this article, we'll explore five ways you can employ to increase your eCommerce product's visibility in search engines.

Five ways eCommerce store owners can increase their product's visibility on their site

E-commerce is a constantly evolving industry, and you need to keep up. Here are 5 ways to increase your eCommerce product's visibility:

1) Optimize your product listing

Optimizing product listings is one of the most crucial factors in increasing visibility. And when done right, it will increase traffic and guarantee possible conversions. Therefore, every part of the product listing page allows optimization.

  • Product titles

  • Descriptions

  • Bullet points

  • Images

  • Keywords

  • Vital product information

  • Additional manufacturer’s information

  • Reviews

Using common words and not industry jargon in the content will work in your favor. For instance, if you are selling a shampoo, use words in titles like "hair fall shampoo" and "anti-dandruff shampoo." Generally, people can use one of these words when searching for a product.

Check out the example below for a better understanding:

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

In this case, the title contains the following:

  • The necessary information

  • The brand name

  • The type of shampoo

  • The target market, which is women with dry and damaged hair.

One of the things to note here is that as an eCommerce store owner, you should ensure adequate information is present that can help a buyer make the right decision. Creating a page that checks all the boxes will rank higher in search-based results. It is imperative to have more visibility on the site, as several buyers never go past the first page.

2) Include the right reviews

Ratings and reviews help buyers to make informed decisions. They get a sense of whether the product is legit, along with an understanding of the displayed item's quality, size, shape, and even color. When the ratings and reviews are good, the algorithm boosts the ranking. This form of visibility is more organic and therefore, it’s necessary to gather genuine reviews for your product to maintain the trust factor. For a better understanding, look at the below image.

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

As per a report, more consumers are going through online reviews lately. Meanwhile, a 2021 survey states that just 3% would go ahead with a product or service with an average star rating of two or less. This showcases the dependency of people on reviews. Just like recommendations, buyers trust ratings and reviews to guide them in their purchase decision.

Furthermore, millennials also put their trust in user-generated content over other forms of promotional media. Therefore, the primary focus must always be on genuine reviews because fake reviews harm your brand reputation.

3) Pay importance to pricing

Fixing the right price for your product is not easy. You can either slash prices and take on losses or hike them and lose customers. Usually, competitive pricing will offer your brand a lot of visibility.

If there's a difference in pricing between you and the competitor's product, then the impact will be on the product visibility. Therefore, it is crucial to have a pricing strategy in place. You can also employ pricing tools to process competitive data and reprice your products faster and better; that's usually not possible through traditional human-centric approaches.

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

One of the foremost names in the world of dynamic pricing is Amazon. The eCommerce giant follows a repricing strategy where prices of products don't remain constant but change depending on competitor prices, demand and supply, and market trends. Amazon is known to reprice its best-selling items three or four times every day or more.

4) Use a keyword-rich product copy

Product copy is one of the pillars of SEO. Search engines use bots to crawl content across an eCommerce site. This information is then indexed and pulled up when a customer enters a search query.

One of the ways you ensure your product ranks higher than your competitors is by infusing the right keywords in your copy. You can also include valuable keywords in your URLs, slug, meta description, etc. Therefore, conducting keyword research is necessary for product page optimization. Reportedly, 37% of eCommerce web traffic comes from searches.

If you're conducting keyword research, it is wise to employ product-focused topics that users are searching for instead of having an abundance of keywords, including those which are relevant and will convert.

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

Remember to include details that contain:

  • The brand name, along with the proprietary brand, if any.

  • The name of the product.

  • The model number

  • Other information like the dimensions

Similar to the image above, if you mention Millenium Falcon Microfighter Building Kit 75295 in the title, anyone searching for the exact specific item is bound to make the purchase. You also notice the term "Microfighter" is used multiple times for better product visibility. When the keyword usage is more specific, there's a likelihood of lower competition.

5) Use high-quality images and offer seasonal discounts

A blurry image will not deliver the right results. What is the point of displaying a product when your buyer can't determine the size or dimensions? When you use high-resolution images, you offer the same level of realism that they would experience in-store. Selling products online, especially those that require a sense of touch is difficult. However, offering a clean, sharp image of the product makes the buying process a little bit easier.

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

Sometimes product photos might have more relevance than the copy. When people don't have the patience to go through descriptions, they will decide on how the product looks visually. It is why the images you display on your site can make or break the sale.

Along with quality images, seasonal discounts also influence product visibility. It is an easy way to drive traffic to your site. Attractive discounts are a smart way to bring attention to your brand. It also boosts sales and revenue. You can offer different forms of discounts, including free delivery for a first-time purchase, loyalty points on repeated purchases, and even coupon codes for downloading the app.

5 ways to increase your eCommerce  product's visibility

The above example shows the homepage of Target. The placement of items and design and a copy can instantly grab attention. Plus, the call-out "Deal of the Day" also fills buyers with the need to make an instant purchase.

Improve your product visibility to stay on top of your game

At Datahut, we know that brands need to stay on top of everything. This means monitoring reviews and ratings, deciding product prices, conducting keyword research, and more. All these activities require a lot of effort and time—something many businesses do not have in abundance.

That's where we come in! We provide web scraping services that help you get the competitive edge you have always wanted. With our team of experts, we will provide you insight into pricing data, market trends, and even competitors' practices. You can use the relevant information to outsmart other industry players. We extract raw data and provide it to you in a structured format for analysis and to help you formulate sound strategies.

Get the competitive edge you have always wanted, and let us help you reach there! Contact Datahut today!

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